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Advances in Biotechnology to Improve Human Health

Biotechnology Development at Resodyn Corporation encompasses a wide range of technologies and applications. Our ResonantAcoustic® technology is being used to develop bioreactors with improved culture productivity as well as bone hydration for use in transplant and graft procedures. We are advancing biosensor technology which may one day make our soldiers safe from biological warfare as well as increase the safety of our food supply.

  • Mixing Platforms and Bioreactors

    Mixing Platforms and Bioreactors

    Conventional bioreactors that rely on impellers must balance mixing considerations vs. biological shear sensitivity to arrive at a compromise that often limits culture productivity.  Resodyn Corporation is developing bioreactors that employ ResonantAcoustic® agitation which provides dramatically increased levels of mixing at reduced shear stress levels, allowing greatly improved culture productivity.

  • Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative Medicine

    Both cell growth on biodegradable scaffolds and various tissue processing steps require high levels of mass transfer with low shear stress to produce optimal results. Resodyn Corporation is developing new processes and devices for the tissue engineering industry that utilize the ResonantAcoustic® technology for a wide range of tissue engineering applications.

  • Biotechnology Devices

    Biotechnology Devices

    We are developing biosensors using a core fluorophore technology to detect trace amounts of substances such as toxins used in biological warfare, and microbes found in our food supply. Our goal is to make a fast, affordable, field sensing unit for use by the US Armed Forces, at Point of Care locations and as a QC tool within our nation's food supply chain.

  • Wound Healing

    Resodyn has developed patent pending technology in the field of wound dressings. These advanced wound dressings contain materials that inhibit bleeding, fight infection, and promote healing.