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Machine Design & Engineering

Resodyn Corporation Engineers are involved in the entire new product development process from idea conception to final product manufacturing. The challenge and excitement of taking an idea and turning it into a commercial product is intensified at Resodyn Corporation by the breadth of our product range. We use a team approach to problem solving that involves Engineers from many disciplines including Mechanical, Chemical, Biochemical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls, as well as Fabrication Engineers and Technicians.

Molecule Modeling
Measuring a Prototype
Mechanical Testing System
New Sensing Technologies
Modeling of small molecules and experimental design.
Measuring a prototype for conformity to engineering prints.
Use of a Mechanical Testing System (MTS) for QA inspection of incoming parts.
Investigating new sensing technologies utilizing advanced optical and luminescent techniques to detect analytes at ultra-trace levels.

From individual component design to fully integrated systems, our Engineers are experts at managing projects of all sizes, identifying requirements and building equipment that can be readily manufactured. We take a hands-on approach to building working prototypes in order to understand systems requirements and develop the best solution possible.

Our technical staff is equipped with state-of-the-art design and modeling capabilities and connected via a computer network to facilitate data sharing and collaboration with Research and Development. Analytical tools include computers and software capabilities for mechanical design (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProEngineer, ANSYS, Inventor, and ALGOR), data analysis (MATLAB, and MAthcad), process development (Engineer -- Aide and Visio), design and numerical analysis (HSC -- thermo chemical equilibrium code, Kinetic -- chemical kinetics code) and report generation. We use high resolution video and still cameras to record and document experimental results.