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Director of International Marketing & Business Development


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The Director will be responsible for marketing and business development, sales and transition of the newly launched technology into the market.  The market and business development emphasis includes launching the product into international markets that include Europe, the UK, the Pacific Rim and selected regions of South America . Prior international business development and marketing experience is a requirement for this position.
To qualify for this challenging position the candidate must possess MS or BS degree, with 10 to 15 years successful business development and marketing experience, including international.  Candidates with an MBA are preferred. 
We are seeking a visionary who excels in advancing technology to business via strategic alliances and closing deals with top decision makers.
The successful candidate will be a high-tech-savvy, manager with experience in product development, marketing, and business development.  Experience must include the introduction of new and advanced technology products and equipment into the industrial sector.
The Director will manage marketing and sales, as well as coordinating product fabrication, quality assurance, delivery to the customer. A primary factor will include status and maintenance of post-sales client satisfaction.

Only candidates that are energetic, highly motivated and driven need apply.
The position requires a versatile  professional  with  experience  in  market  research,  business  development,  strategic  planning, competitive intelligence, R&D, technology assessment and project management.
We are seeking a multifaceted individual with outstanding communication, team-building, planning skills, who also possess, strong supervisory, solid interpersonal/management capabilities, effective organizational abilities and exceptional presentation skills.
The successful candidate must have: 
1.      A track-record that demonstrates success of working in the technology field. 
2.      Demonstrated history as a productive, innovative technical manager, with success in a small business environment.
3.      Demonstrated ability to listen to customers' needs, develop solutions to meet their requirements, trust and respect.
4.      Established ability to transform into market leader position through building relationships, securing strategic alliances, developing innovative new products.
5.      Strong strategic planning and business market intelligence capabilities.
6.      Ability to combine extensive knowledge of emerging technologies with broad organizational focus, assimilate knowledge of company technology products, applications and manufacturing capabilities.
7.      Capability to quickly grasp new technological concepts and convey their value to clients.
8.      Advanced knowledge of modern marketing management, brand management, distribution channels, product planning and sales forecast principles, methods and practices.
9.      Talent to serve as liaison between research team and business partners to achieve objectives, enhance communications, and strengthen product development.
This position requires a driven, enthusiastic individual with strong business analysis skills, proven marketing/business management experience and the ability to work with a diverse group of associates in a high-tech business. 
Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary. An enthusiasm for working in a diverse, demanding and exciting technology environment is crucial.  Strong work ethic and team player attributes are paramount.
The position will require working with various technologies that have application in several markets.  The role will be to advance internal product research and development and will include partnering with leading fortune 100 technology companies outside Resodyn on a diverse portfolio of ideas.
Position Description
In this position, the successful candidate will: 
  1. Participate in determining the organization's long-range goals; contribute to competitive strategies and define programs based on financial, market and technology factors.
  2. Develop and lead an international marketing/business development effort and foster effective relationships with partnering businesses, e.g., reps, distributers, etc.
  3. Conduct primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative market research using technical expert/opinion leader interviews, as well as syndicated and other data analysis.
  4. Establish and manage product promotion plans and product introduction programs.
  5. Play a key role in the development strategy for potential new products and/or market opportunities.
  6. Monitor progress of multiple products through their life cycles.
  7. Conduct analysis of product performance, market trends, competitor products, etc.
  8. Develop product targeting models to support strategic/tactical planning.
  9. Perform targeted analysis and research for business development opportunities.
  10. Conduct competitive intelligence analysis on existing and emerging products.
  11. Develop and test strategies for line extensions as part of a comprehensive life cycle management program for brand expansion and generic defense.
  12. Develop quantitative financial models using market forecasts, product pricing, fiscal projections, and ROI analysis, to support strategic/tactical planning, business analysis and product positioning.
  13. Author and maintain marketing and business plans.
  1. Personal leave
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Life insurance
  4. Flexible benefit plan
  5. Pension/profit sharing plan, 401(k)
  6. Relocation allowance
Resodyn Acoustic Mixers is a, small, but growing, fast-paced, marketing and sales organization, with strong technology development/support components that is located in Southwest Montana .  An excellent career and lifestyle opportunity for the correct individual exists to work within a strong team to take a transformative processing technology worldwide, across a broad range of industries.


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